SWEMEK is a small, aspiring enterprise specialized on mechanical products, that was established in 1989 to manufacture items especially for CNC-controlled lathe.
Our yearly production rate lies around 350.000 pieces with increasing tendency.
We produce turned, high-precision items from 1,5 mm to 36 mm diameter.
The precision items are manufactured in one phase from crude metal, in small to medium-sized series for our customers. We produced our items on stock and keep them on store, so that we can supply our customers promptly.
Maschine Data
  • Two aseis CNC-Lathe with maximum limit of the items: 36mm diameter
  • Maximum length of the items: 95 mm
  • Mandrel positioning in dividing steps up to 5 degrees.
  • Processing in one phase with two driven tools.
The Components
The Components we produce till now, are mainly small precision items for air-guns and high pressure pumps for Sweden's leading air-gun producer.

In the last years, our enterprice has developed excellently. We hope to expand and we are looking for new tasks. So we are happy to extend our customer contacts and looking for new challenges. We are looking forward to further inquiries.

Please contact us and ask for information or a detailed offer.